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Minor Tooth Movement

What is minor tooth movement?

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Minor tooth movement (also called limited orthodontics) is intended to address a problem involving only one or a few teeth. Typically it is confined to 6 front teeth on the top, bottom or both. Generally, the treatment time is much shorter than a normal braces or full Invisalign treatment.

Who might want it?

Minor tooth movement is a way for patients to correct their smiles without the use of full braces or traditional orthodontic appliances. Limited orthodontics is not for everyone, but is perfect for patients who want to:

  • Correct minor issues such as crowding (crooked teeth) or spacing (gaps between your teeth) that is limited to one area in the mouth.
  • Correct teeth that have started to shift over time.
  • Improve the look and function of your smile without taking the time or the financial commitment that is involved with regular orthodontic care.

This type of treatment is especially popular with people who have worn braces before and the teeth have started to drift.

Will I need to wear braces with limited orthodontics?

With limited orthodontics, you will not have to wear traditional metal braces. Limited orthodontics usually uses removable appliances, such as a retainer or clear aligner, to make minor adjustments to your smile. Treatment options include Spring Retainers and Invisalign. 

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